Monday 18 May 2009

Urban Shepherds 7"

And now for something completely different... This may be my pick for one of the most "out there" releases ever. At least in finland and definitely inside the "folk music" genre.

Urban Shepherds was a sideproject from finnish folk music pioneers Etnopojat/World Mankeri Orchestra. The WMO is still active, playing improvised music with ancient instruments.

The a-side is a crazy mixture of spastic drum programming, harmolodic soloing from two lirus (ancient finnish wind instrument, see the record cover scan for more information) and field recordings. Totally out there. The more "traditional" free improv on the b-side feels strangely "normal" after that. Enjoy. And if you dig the b-side, be sure to check out the newer WMO disks.

320kbs mp3 + cover scans


Friday 28 November 2008

A.P.C. Tracks Vol 2

A dubby and unorthodox fusion (eek!) of many sorts. It's good, very good, though. The players include Bill Laswell, Brain, DXT, Jean Touitou, Jean-Pierre Sluys John Brown, Mami Chan, Natsuko Kimura, Nicky Skopelitis. It has the flavour of Laswell all over it. A smoky collage of solid basslines, turntablism of the musical kind, drums going thru a flanger and a woman speaking japanese over the first track. Our fave tracks include the properly titled, fast-paced Night Train and the closing dub-psychedelia of Terminate.

Do check it out! The other option is to pay the 50€ for a second-hand copy. Our copy was bought for 5 euros from a supermarker many years ago ;)

1 Terminate (7:58)
2 Yoban Firsto (6:56)
3 Samo Echo (6:52)
4 Ghost Yard (5:20)
5 Panther In Detroit (6:57)
6 Night Train (6:42)
7 L'Insigne Des Pires (4:53)

dl link

Friday 31 October 2008

E.R.P: - Alsoran 12" (Frantic Flowers 2007)

One of the most beautiful releases of 2007 and seemingly hard to come by.
G. Hanson's work as Convextion had a lot of praise thrown to its face, but the stuff Hanson releases as E.R.P. has always been our favourite. Dreamy, almost ambient, electro-influenced, straight-forward techno. A good example of music that would normally stay way out of our radar, but, when done as magnificiently well as here, even we can't afford to miss it. So shouldn't you.

note: THIS LINK WAS TAKEN AWAY, since the 12" can be bought as mp3's. Sorry for the confusion.

Gimme 3, vol I

Every month (yeah right) we'll put a compilation of
three hard-to-miss tracks in one zip file.
To start thing off, we have unidentified Soviet pop
and the beautiful voice of Aura Urziceanu.

1. Soviet Union -era pop track. Can't read the text so...
2. Aura Urziceanu - Cintec Din Oas
3. Aura Urziceanu - Capriciul nr. 24 (Paganini)

When we were scanning those LP's, the quality changed a bit in
some pictures. We think it just adds to the magic.
These LP's will soon be here on their full form, though
these are the best songs from them.

Aura Urziceanu - Aura (Eletrecord)

Unknown Soviet-era pop LP

More high-quality versions of the sleeves and some info text about Aura
Aura Urziceanu LP, front
Aura, back, info text in English
Soviet-pop front
Soviet back

dl here

Thursday 30 October 2008

Tipi & Sylvester Stallone - Operaatio Turnipsi

Finnish psychedelic folk from the late 80's. Casios, ancient finnish instruments, wacky lyrics alternating between scatologic and genuinely touching. A classic! Also includes 2 tracks from Hervoton Hevosmies 7" (the rest of the ep includes tracks from the Operaatio Turnipsi).192kbs cassette/vinyl rip.

DL link

Wednesday 15 October 2008

Breakdancing compilation

K-tel breakdancing compilation. Vinyl rip, 320kbs mp3.


Rock Steady Crew - Ready For Battle

The only album from the legendary breakdance group. Vinyl rip 320kbs mp3.


Yat-Kha : s/t

According to the wikipedia, this is the third and last yat-kha-album from the duo of Albert Kuvezin and Ivan Sokolovsky. After this Albert steered into the folk-rock-direction with Yenisei Punk.

Crazy mixture of IDM:ish synth stylings and kargyraa-style throat singing. Track 3 is particularly tasty complete with pitchshifted smurf vocals and house piano vamps. Enjoy! 320kbs mp3 /w cover scans.

get it here